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On this page, you'll find campaign documents, voter registration info, plus Dwight's "white papers" on a range of issues that the City Council has considered during Dwight's term on Council.

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Campaign Flyer

Dwight's campaign flyer includes Dwight's "Why I'm Running" message, early endorsements, and where to find more info. (Go here for the updated endorsements list.)

White Papers

During his first term on the Council, Dwight published "deep dive" white papers on key issues confronting the City.

The Proposed Del Mar Resort on the North Bluff: The CPP and Future Reviews

In light of the many community conversations sparked by the story poles on the North Bluff and the recent CPP meeting at Town Hall, Dwight published his thoughts on 8/31/18 on the review process for this development proposal. Find it here.




Click on the title below for the White Paper in PDF format.

Should Del Mar's Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan Be Put in the Community Plan, in our LCP, or Both? (Sept. 24, 2018)

Analysis of Community Plan and Zoning Provisions that Apply to Short Term Rentals (July 2, 2016)

Short-Term Rentals and Enforcement (Sept. 13, 2016)

Getting to the Beach Just Got Harder (rail crossing issues) (Aug. 2016)

Cracking the Conundrum: Providing Quality Affordable Housing in Del Mar (Aug. 2016)




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